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is a secure and seamless enterprise communication platform designed to meet compliance, privacy and data protection requirements.

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Ringl is designed for security and compliance


Digital communication plays a key role at the modern workplace – be it with business partners, vendors or colleagues.

With an increasingly fragmented workforce, mobility and data accessibility are now part of the new normal. Ensuring workplace conversations stay secure is a key challenge for any business.


Business productivity and data security are at risk when

  • Employees use multiple modes of communication tools, ranging from emails to messengers, video conferencing and social media;

  • Data protection policies are not enforced on employees’ personal devices;

  • Organisations are unable to manage or monitor end-user privileges and entitlements related to data access;

  • There is a loss/theft of mobile devices where business data is stored;

  • Employees are  negligent about  cyber security measures when opening incoming attachments or links on their owned devices;

  • Management cannot find a reliable solution to implement an audit trail process that ensures compliance while respecting the privacy of employees.

Streamline and centralise conversations securely with Ringl

  • Secure messaging

  • Voice and video calls

  • Recordings of calls and meetings

  • Corporate announcements

  • Employee engagement

  • Customer and vendor interactions



  • End-to-end encrypted messaging
    (private messaging, secure rooms)
  • End-to-end encrypted meetings
    (video calls, group video calls)
  • Ensure documentation of all communication for audit trail purposes



  • Groups for interactive conversations
  • Channels for information dissemination
  • Video or audio calls for team meetings
  • Secure document and file sharing
  • Real-time translation



  •  Confidential content
  • Hidden chats
  • Screenshot/recording alerts
  • VPN



  • Scheduled messages for asynchronous communication
  • Organize attachments into folders 
  • Create custom folders to organise chats
  • Enable disappearing messages

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