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1. What is Ringl ?

Ringl Messenger is a modern workplace solution to improve collaboration between teams, allowing users to engage with colleagues via instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing, all within a secure environment. Our customers use Ringl to keep business and  personal communication separate. 

Users can benefit from Ringl’s mass-communications features like groups and channels that C-level management, HR and team leaders can use to broadcast company-wide messages or engage specific project teams. Refer to our homepage for more details of Ringl’s features. 

For organizations that want to have quick access to their team, we have launched Ringl Business, has additional features such as an organization directory and administrators can control user security access.  There is also  an administrative panel for designated users to measure engagement and user activity.

2. Who is Ringl for ?

Security-conscious organizations who have employees that are relying predominantly on unsecured messaging apps for their business communications can use Ring. They can connect with confidence knowing that sensitive information shared on their employees’ personal mobile devices are encrypted and there are additional security features in place to protect users’ privacy.

With Ringl, our clients can separate workplace and personal conversations and continue to keep conversations private and secure so that no third party can intercept or access their employees’ private communications

3.  What platforms is Ringl available on?

Ringl is available on iOS and Android and users can also sync their mobile devices with a desktop version for both Mac and PC. Download Ringl Business at  Ringl also offers a web-based video conferencing at

4. How do I connect my Ringl app to my desktop?

To sync your chats on your mobile with your Ringl for desktop, open settings on Ringl mobile app — select Linked devices — Add New Device and scan the QR  code on “Link device screen” in Ringl desktop . All your conversations, chat histories and shared files will be synched on both devices. You can link up to 3 devices. 

5. Does Ringl compress my files when I’m sending attachments?

You can send up to 15 attachments at each  time of up to 100MB per file and these include images, videos, audio messages and documents.  High res images and videos files are compressed before sending out.




1. How secure is Ringl?

Ringl has user privacy and  data protection at the core of all our design principles. With default end-to-end encryption for 1-1 and secure groups, and offers multiple customisable privacy and security settings.

Data shared within Groups and Channels on Ringl are encrypted in transit using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) & Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections, for an additional layer of security. 

2. How does Ringl protect user data?

We take great care to protect our users’ privacy and security, and to prevent unauthorised  access to encrypted data, our engineers have designed and implemented a robust security firewall which denies access based on predefined permissions.

Additional security measures include:

  • End-to-end encryption. Messages are stored on users’ devices and deleted from the server immediately after delivery.
  • Encryption of user profile data
  • Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) connections for backend data encryption. 
  • Amazon Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt database storage and backups. Our security groups control what IP addresses or Amazon EC2 instances can connect to the databases.

3. What back-end security measures does Ringl have in place?

 Processing Integrity:

  • KMS encryption for database storage and backups
  • Built-in firewall
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Security Code Verification: verify the security of the chat and ensure no middle-men presence 
  • VPN protocol options: IKEv2/UDP, WireGuard/UDP and VMess/TCP
  • On-device security features

Disaster Recovery:

We use Fault Tolerant Cluster (FTC), where a server failure does not lead to a complete inoperability of the entire cluster. The tasks of the failed machine are automatically distributed among the remaining nodes.    

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